Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

To celebrate, here's a few favorite photos of my dad through the years.  I miss him every day.  None of these are dated and only one has a note on the back, but I tried to put them in order.
 Must have been very young here, maybe 1945 or so?
 Another young photo, he's got a pipe in his mouth.  The back says, "Mr. Schwencke" (ha! not helpful!)
 Dad in their front yard
 Dad was a docent at the Institute of Texan Cultures for a while...this was taken at one of their events. He was striking a pose!
 One of my favorite photos of him.  We were hiking at one of the parks, it might have been Lost Maples.  Wonder who the little blond head is walking with him there?  Colleen or Sarah?
 Dad on Mary's front porch.  There's Mary, Mom, Dad and Mike
This is Dad with the Sister that came to visit him at the nursing home

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  1. Love these. I think the pic of him in the straw hat is out in Big Bend. Too steep looking to be Lost Maples I think.