Thursday, June 27, 2013

And even more Black-Eyed Peas.....

This morning I shelled all of those Mississippi Silver cow peas, John came in and helped me get finished.  What a job!  I wonder how our ancestors did it...although they didn't have much else to distract them from the job.  At least I get to sit inside in air conditioning while doing it!
Now I'll let them completely dry out and pack them in jars with a desiccant pack.

....and today we harvested all of the Red Ripper Cow Peas.  

I'll probably shell them tomorrow....sigh.....
We gave the deer that entire pile of pea plants...they were gone in no time!
Tomorrow all of the Jack-be-Little pumpkins are getting pulled up and I'll put them in a cool dry place to harden.  They may last until October, who knows...

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