Friday, May 24, 2013

Yoakum Photos from Mom's collection...

This photo has 1938 on the back.  Not sure who all these people are.  I thought the one in the car hanging out was her, but she would have only been 11 years old, so maybe that's Isabelle??? I know that's Irene sitting on car.  Anyone have any ideas who all these folks are?
This photo had writing on the back, it said "Look, here's the Meyers!"  Irene and Raymond Meyer.  No date, though. They look so young...
 Photo says "Christmas 1978" on the back.  Here we have Irene and Sabina in the back, then Rebecca, Leona and Isabelle in the front.  They are in front of the windmill in front of Grandma's house in Yoakum.
Nothing on this one as far as date.  There's probably Dad who got cut off of the photo on the left, then Mom (Rebecca), Leona, Uncle Ed, Isabelle, Irene and Sabina.  Could this have been one of reunions, or maybe they all met at a restaurant somewhere.

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