Monday, May 6, 2013

Movie Review --- The Big Wedding

I'm still looking for that "feel good" chick flick for 2013 that makes me cry and far it's elusive.  This was a big movie with lots of big stars in it, but unfortunately they went for bawdy and sexual talk in place of a good story.
Too bad, it could have been a much better movie.  I'm beginning to think that Hollywood can't write a good story line any more.
An aging and on-the-wagon artist (Robert De Niro) has three grown children, one of which is getting married.  The daughter is a lawyer who's in a marriage that's about to fall apart. The other son is a doctor who's still a virgin and wants to change that. The son who's getting married is adopted, which brings all kinds of problems for him in dealing with his birth mother and his adopted mother and family. Most of the characters were over the top comic-bookish, including the priest played by Robin Williams.  Sigh.... I'm afraid I can only give it 2 stars.
The best part was the good friends I went with and the drinks we had afterwards! That was fun!

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