Monday, April 22, 2013

What I'm Reading --- Wool (the Omnibus, Book 1 - 5)

Whoa! What a story.  I just love a good story that sucks you in and won't leave you alone.  That's what happened when I read this one.
Something very bad happened and everyone is living inside of a huge silo, buried in the earth, 144 stories down.  People are regimented and ruled by the class that lives near the surface where they are able to see through glass domes and sensors.  Different classes of people live in various levels of the silo, farmers somewhere in the middle, weavers, IT people, and the mechanical people living at the bottom.  You are only allowed to marry and have children if you are lucky enough to win a "lottery."  When you die, your body is buried beneath the earth of the farmers level, to feed the roots.
Lawbreakers are doomed to go outside the silo and die in the toxic atmosphere, but only after they have cleaned the sensors and domed windows with wool pads....  and that's where the story begins.
I hated for this book to end.  And I'm waiting breathlessly for Hugh Howey to write more in this series.

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