Sunday, April 14, 2013

Several busy days in the garden!

I've been busily trying to finish getting the entire garden in, so its been a few days since I've posted.  John and I have been putting in the garden at the back area, and we're still not done, but have made a good start.
Bed #7 is totally in. On top of planting, we're having to do some weed control back there, so I'm laying down killing mulch (feed sacks, cardboard, etc.) and covering with weed block and then hay to keep it in place.  This area has never been used for vegetables, only grain crops in the past, so there are a good number of grasses and weeds that pop up back there.  John's done a good job of tilling with the tractor and the big tiller this past winter, several times, so we've begun keeping the weeds at bay.

In Bed #7 we have:

I've now completed planting Bed #8, as of yesterday. Whew! John's been working at the yard the past few days, so I've been on my own out there, so it's taken me a bit longer.

Bed #8 is:
This week I'll finish up Bed #9 and then we're done!
The Bean Tee-pee is doing so well, all of those beans are up and growing.

Did I tell you about the elderberries?  We put in four elderberry plants this month, two are York and two are Adams.  So far three of them are doing nicely, but one of the York is not coming up yet.  Not giving up, we'll wait and see what happens.

I'll leave you with a picture or two of my very funny looking Egyptian walking onions. These tops look like alien plant life, don't they. Very funny!

The alien is popping out!

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