Sunday, April 14, 2013

Movie Review --- Jurassic Park, 3D

I had forgotten what a great movie this is.  I can't really say that the "3D" addition made that much difference to me, but I really enjoyed it! It did seem to make the movie a bit darker then I remember it, and you do get to see some depth perception. I've probably seen this movie several times through the years, but not for a good while.
It sure makes a difference to see it on the big screen, that's for sure.  I caught myself jumping a few times, even though I should have known what was coming.
A truly great movie that will last forever as a classic, it advanced movie making in its day. I still haven't seen dinosaurs done any better then they did them here.
Here's a little extra I found out today:  I'll direct you to this interesting article about 20 facts you may not have known about the filming of Jurassic Park. Richard Attenborough was good, but Sean Connery would have been perfect, I'm just sayin'.

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