Thursday, March 21, 2013

Who dreamed up this torture?

So I've spent the last two days having NO fun at day prepping for a colonoscopy, and today spending the entire morning waiting for and recovering from the procedure.
Is this topic proper for the blog world?  Too bad, I'm exhausted from worrying about it all day yesterday and smiling all morning reassuring the entire staff and John that I was JUST FINE, NO PROBLEM, I'M NOT WORRIED...(which was a big fat lie.)
It was my first one (can you tell?) so I was a BIT nervous (understatement.)  I wasn't able to eat a thing yesterday, only clear liquids and jello, so I was a little teensy bit grouchy.  And a lot tired, because I'd spent all day yesterday drinking that horrible, nasty, too sweet, and salty, did I mention nasty, huge drink all day (look here, dear pharmacist, that lemon powder doesn't do a bit of good), then spending the rest of the day and night in the "facilities."
Then they take all your clothes away from you and put you in a tissue paper gown (don't tie it in the back!) What?!!!!

I'm so glad it's over.  I hand it to the staff, they were super...trying to make me comfortable (warm socks, warmed blanket, etc.) and after it was over I recovered very fast.  We arrived at 6:30 am and left there around 12:30 this afternoon.
Happily, everything's fine. I don't have to get that done again for 10 years! (or never....) ha!

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