Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tomato towers and new dirt!

Today we got 8 yards of brand new composted manure and garden soil! So exciting!  Am I the only one who gets excited about new dirt?  We live at the very beginning of the hill country of Texas, and our soil is hit or miss here -- mostly we live on top of rock, which is good for our house (its not going anywhere) but for gardening it is a challenge.  Some places have a good layer of dirt, others not so much.  First, we filled the new raised bed....

Second job was to get the first three tomato towers ready to go.  Mixture of my own compost, the new composted soil, and the tomato food I cooked up the other day.  I wish I had some dead fish...I've been reading that some people bury fish heads and guts in their tomato holes before planting.  Anyone going fishing?  I'll take any trash fish that you would normally throw away, please!

Now I just need the assurance of no more freezing nights and I'm ready to go!

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