Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tomato plans...

I've found my tomato plants for this year....actually more then I need.  But I couldn't stop buying them, Rainbow Gardens had soooo-o-o many great tomato plants to choose from!  I'm re-thinking my plans to start my own every year, when you can buy them so inexpensively all ready to replant. And so many varieties. It was hard to stop buying.

Here's what I have:
=> Blush - a yellow plum tomato with peachy shoulders.  Doesn't that sound beautiful?

=> Isis Candy - a cherry yellow with red marbling

=> San Marzano - a paste tomato, almost rectangular in shape.

=> Aunt Ruby's German Green - a beefsteak tomato with amber shoulders.

=> Hillbilly - a yellow-orange tomato with red mottling

=> Juliet - a red grape tomato - I grew this one last year and it was absolutely the most productive plant I've ever had. Tons of beautiful pear-like tomatoes.

Those are the six that will go into the tomato towers that I'm planting this year.  I have a few others that I'll be potting up in regular pots around the garden.
=> Black Krim - a dark red Russian tomato from the Black Sea.
=> Black Cherry 
=> Indigo Rose - another black cherry (my only home grown from seed, the only plant that survived the freezing disaster a few weeks ago.)
=> Lemon Boy - an orange/yellow medium tomato

I know, I went kind of crazy, but we'll see how they do.  I hope I can do better with these heirlooms then I did last year.  I had a beautiful Brandywine heirloom tomato plant that had tons of leaves, but almost no tomatoes.

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