Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kitchen lab....

This morning I "cooked" up the tomato food for the spring planting.  I used this recipe last year, and I'm thinking it was part of the reason I had such a great outcome from my three plants.  I had to re-make it about three times during the spring and summer, so this time I'm making up enough to last a while, plus I'm adding three more tomato towers to the garden, so I'll need more.
1 cup of powdered milk (a good way to use up your old powdered milk in the pantry!) Have you priced powdered milk lately?  I was shocked! Used to get this stuff cheap, but the usual box was almost $6! I bought the off brand, a few dollars cheaper. What?! You don't keep powdered milk around? ha! I guess this dates me, but I keep it in case we run out of milk and I'm making a recipe and need it quickly.  It's a hold over from living so far out in the country, back when we didn't have a store or anything nearby. Plus, my mom kept powdered milk, so I did too. I'm a dinosaur....I know.
 1 cup of Epson salt (I keep it in the garden for this reason)
 2 tablespoons of baking soda
 6 cups of composted soil (I just use bagged seed starter soil)
Mix and put in a closed container.  I add it when I transplant the tomato plant into their bed, then I added some occasionally throughout the season.

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