Friday, March 15, 2013

Around the garden....

It's been so beautiful the past two days, and it's all I can do not to plant the garden....but I can't. I have to wait until we can be here to tend to it full time, which means I can't plant until after April 7th.  Sigh....
But meanwhile, we're busy preparing.
I planted a bunch of flowers in the hoop house....
 These will go around the tomato plants...they help keep some bugs away!
 Morning glories, some from my plants last year (Heavenly Blue) and two that I purchased this year  (Chocolate) and (Mixed Colors.)  These will go on the fence between the garden and the back garden.
The first part of the sunflowers that I'm planting this year.  This is the Mammoth Russian that grows 8 to 12 feet tall.

John's been working on putting in the water system for our new back garden.  He's digging the trenches to bury the pipe, etc. Now that I'm looking at this picture, it appears he's not quite straight on his line there....wonder if he had been drinking a beer before he did this. ha!
I put together a mini-herb garden for this year in one of the tubs I used for potatoes last year (not doing that again!) This was lots of fun!
 Italian leaf parsley (a plant from last year that I transplanted), behind that is two types of basil (Sweet and Cinnamon), the yellow flower plant is Mexican Tarragon, Onion Chives, and Lemon Thyme.
 Behind the onion chives is another transplanted parsley from last year (Curly Leaf), and in front of that is Cilantro (yuck! But John loves it. *head shake*) I put the blue wine bottle in upside down with a piece of screen wrapped around the top, filled with water.  It slowly drips to keep the soil moist.

Then in my free time (ha ha ha) I cleaned up and put out the tiny bird water bath again. When I went out this evening to feed the cats, there was a lizard in it. Guess he was taking a bath!

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