Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Homestead update...

John's stayed busy while I've been lazing it out in my chair this week.  I feel so guilty when he's out working and I'm not.
He refinished the front of our oldest barn....

he finished the chicken house (yes, there was one last little job to do in there) by covering the pressboard with cedar....

and he's been keeping an eye on our new hoop house.
It withstood the terrible wind we had on Monday very well, so I think that would be a big test for that plastic covering. Win!

Remember when we pruned the Brown Turkey fig last fall?  We took the trimmings and stuck them in dirt and put them in the potting shed for the winter, two in each pot.  All we did was water them occasionally, and I fertilized them about two weeks ago.  Well they just started sprouting, so I'm guessing they took! Yea!
I'll probably leave them in pots for another year and then we'll see where to put them.  Anybody want a young fig tree?

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  1. oooh i like what he did here. I obviously haven't come out to the house in awhile... yeesh.