Saturday, January 12, 2013

Starting my Spring 2013 garden!

I decided it was time to start the Spring garden -- using the last predicted frost date of March 15th, its time to start the tomatoes and some other longer season plants.  I've had a lot of fun ordering seeds and organizing my saved seeds for this years garden (I kind of went over-board, according to John, but -- well, its not the worst hobby in the world.  I'm not out partying every night, am I? ha!)

This year I'm experimenting with under-heating and am using this DIY set up - old Christmas lights under and spot lights over. My first tray is done (two types of tomatoes, green onions, anaheim peppers, & purple cauliflower), working on the second this weekend. It feels good to smell that dirt from the seed starter mix.  By the way, I use a purchased seed starter mix, mixed with some additional gypsum, and fertilize with a weak fish-emulsion and water.  Lets see how that works.
A nice warm little set up.

Yes, that's toilet rolls.

Indigo Rose Cherry Tomatoes

Spot lights left over
from John's 60th birthday party! That was some fun karaoke!

Used this zone map:

We're in zone 8, somewhere between 8a and 8b.

Used this zone frost dates:
USDA Hardiness ZoneFirst Frost DateLast Frost Date
1July 15thJune 15th
2August 15thMay 15th
3September 15thMay 15th
4September 15thMay 15th
5October 15thApril 15th
6October 15thApril 15th
7October 15thApril 15th
8November 15thMarch 15th
9December 15thFebruary 15th
10December 15thJanuary 31st (sometimes earlier)
11No frost.No frost.

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