Friday, January 25, 2013

Movie Review --- Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters

Hmmm....what to say.  It wasn't horrible, and it wasn't "OMG! The best thing ever!"  Somewhere in between.  If you enjoy a good comic book style movie, with lots of CGI blood splatter and exploding heads, then this ones for you.
I will say, whoever did the costuming and make up for the various witches and the trolls, they had a great time.  Some way over the top witches here.

I have one little criticism....why oh why did the movie maker have to add all the "f" words to the dialogue?  It made no sense and didn't fit the type of movie this was. And I don't say that as a prude or anything, I don't mind hearing an "f" word here and there if it fits the just didn't here.  It was as if they forced the use of it for some reason or other. Why????
I give it 3 stars - a good Saturday afternoon movie matinee for some mindless entertainment.

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