Saturday, January 19, 2013

I *HATE* cedar pollen....

The weather the past two days has been gorgeous, but I can't enjoy it! I can spend about 1/2 hour outside before I'm totally sneezing my head off, rubbing my gritty eyes, and totally miserable from the itching in my sinuses and my throat.  Then I have to take Benadryl, and recover for a few hours.

Yes.  It's cedar pollen time.

Nothing I can do about it but forge ahead, since we live in the dab-gum middle of  hill country cedar.

Thankfully John isn't affected, so he is able to get some work done...he's working on fences and re-doing the garden area.  He took down one side of the garden fence today, and we managed to dig up all of the carrots and beets that were left in the garden.  A nice haul!

John tilled up two of the beds, and this week I'll dig up the rest of the kale and chard so those beds are ready to go soon!
 The chickens enjoyed the carrot and beet tops from today...they just love to pick through what I throw in to them.  John bought them a "Flock Block" today at the feed store - and put it in their house.  I was SURE they were going to shy away from it and refuse to go into their house this evening, but they loved it.  You just never know.

They surprised me today with an actual EGG!  Hooray!  It's been months since we've had one, so perhaps the nice weather is giving them the idea that it's time to start laying again....hope so!

Flock Block (cake of seeds and molasses)

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