Sunday, December 9, 2012

Movie Review --- Red Dawn (2012)

John surprised me by actually asking to go see a movie this evening....that almost never happens!  It's usually me who is asking him to take me to a movie, so of course I jumped at it!  He wanted to see Red Dawn, the remake of the Patrick Swayze movie from 1984.
I really wasn't sure about this movie, I tend to think the original of some movies are best left alone, and especially Patrick Swayze movies...he was one of my favorites back in the 80s.  But I have to say, this one was pretty good - and it had Chris Hemsworth in it (Thor!!!) One of my new favorites.
It was definitely updated, made to seem as if it was happening now.  There were voice overs of Prezzie Obama's voice and Hillary Clinton's voice talking tough about North Korea (ha ha ha!!!)  I know...not really very believable, was it?  But, after that, when the action got started, the movie really picked up!
Much different from the earlier movie, this one takes place mostly in the city (I believe it was supposed to be Spokan or Portland?)  This band of Wolverines seem to be able to come and go pretty much undetected.  A bit of a stretch, but still enjoyable.  It was pretty patriotic, especially after the marines show up (three solitary guys!) and the Wolverines start recruiting from the citizens.
I'm giving a solid 3 stars, worth a couple of hours of mindless entertainment.  Go see it!

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