Friday, December 28, 2012

Movie Review --- The Hobbit

I really, really loved it!  This movie started by returning us to familiar scenes of the Shire, with the older version of Bilbo Baggins beginning to write about his "big adventure" to share with Frodo.  It was a touch of genius to bring us back to the same scenes from the first movie, although in a bit different frame.

The Hobbit had what I'd call a much lighter feel, with some real touches of humor (provided by 13 of the cutest dwarfs I've ever seen!) There are some very small touches that will charm you - like the moths that live in one of the dwarf's beard.  They flutter in and are pushed out by his snoring at night.  Just such cute little touches - watch for them.
Not that there aren't plenty of bad guys and terrible creatures - all done so well.  Sarumon is back (Christopher Lee) and we get introduced to another of the wizards, the Brown Wizard (who's a bit "off").
Beautiful cinematography, views, mountains, waterfalls...the movie is gorgeous to watch, and we saw it in 2D.  I can't imagine how pretty it probably was in 3D or in the new high frame rate version.  Now I wish we had gone for that one on the IMAX screen.  I'll bet that's something to see.
Can't wait for the next movie in the trilogy!

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