Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day, 2012

We had a wonderful day, starting with Christmas Breakfast at Jeff and Colleen's.  KT showed us everything that Santa brought her - a "big" kids bike and helmet (that looked like a pony head!), a Brave blanket, and her own personal camera!  She also had some clothing, a new Belle doll and a new Avon Barbie, and a soft, cuddly robe!  Then we had a delicious breakfast.

We went home after breakfast and they joined us later so that KT could open her gifts from Mimi and Grumpy here at the house.  She loved her boots (cowgirl boots!) and then we walked outside to show her the big surprise!  She loved it and her reaction was very satisfying!  This is HER house - she even loved the flowers on the porch and the glass beads and sparkles in the gravel.
Showing the house to her daddy
The Koenigs
In the afternoon we had Christmas lunch with the entire Hoyt clan and our niece Adrienne.  We got to visit with JR & Ashley by computer (I love technology) for a few minutes, since they didn't get to come home for the holiday.

John fried our first turkey, we invested in a turkey fryer this year (the electric variety) and I have to say I'm sold! It was the best turkey I can remember...we will definitely do that again.  And it only took one hour to do a 13 pound turkey.

I wish we had a bit better weather - it was sunny but the wind was a bit too much to enjoy the pavilion.  We eventually gave up and adjourned inside. It was so good to see Ella and her little sister, Addie, who has grown so much already!

Ella opened her birthday gift and Christmas gifts from us, with an assist by KT (who has totally learned how to rip into presents.) Here are a few more pictures from our wonderful day!
KT got some great cookware for her kitchen from Uncle Bobby and Aunt Andrea 
KT's helping Ella open her birthday gift
Aunt Katie and niece, Addie
Ella and KT in the little house. 
"You've got mail!"  The house came with it's own little mailbox. The princess chair was a gift from the Florida Aunties! 

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