Friday, November 9, 2012

Presents for me!

Look what's new with me.....

Yes, it's a Kindle Fire HD!  My birthday gift from the family, along with a gift certificate for Amazon from JR and Ash that I got an Amazon Prime membership with!  I can now retire my old "The Book" which was one of the first type e-books.  The company that made it has even gone out of business.  It's been a good one though, I learned a lot using that thing!
This new sleek Kindle is wonderful!  It's like having a pad computer, really.  I've been adding apps to it, and have purchased a few books, too. You can also search the web, play games, and practically anything you want.
I also got some new perfume from John, so picture me sitting here smelling good while I read all about those rotting zombies on my Kindle! ha ha!

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