Monday, October 29, 2012

Yugoslavian Finger Fruit

This is our first pick from the fall garden squash, the Yugoslavian Finger Fruit.  It looks a lot like what we call Patti Pan squash, except taller, thinner, and with a different configuration of little "fingers."  It tasted exactly the same as the Patti Pan, too.  Cute little squash, looking forward to seeing some more of these.

We dodged a bullet last night with the weather, our temperature gauge on the porch read 32, but no frost on the garden, so it must have not stayed at 32 very long.  Whew!!!


  1. what are you going to make with it??

    1. I just cut this one up in a stir fry we were having for supper, but I think any summer squash recipe would be good. Looks like it comes from outer space, doesn't it?!