Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Whole Jalapenos

Today I had to pick another pound of jalapenos from the garden, and added to the other pound and a half that I had in the house, it was time to do some canning.  I pickled these whole this time (yes, I think they've worn me down! ha!)
The peppers are so much bigger from the fall garden, with thicker walls.  I really have to say, I'm loving the quality of the fall garden.
 I just trimmed the stems a bit, then packed into the sterile jars.
Cover with a boiled mix of 2 c. vinegar, 2 c. water, 1 tsp. canning salt, and minced garlic.  Tuck in a bay leaf.
 Process in hot water bath for 30 minutes.  You're done!
Ready for some BBQ!

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