Friday, October 12, 2012

The garlic has arrived!

Well, finally!  The garlic is here and I'm ready to put it in the ground on Saturday morning.  The other garlic that I planted earlier has all come up, even the elephant garlic, so I'm hoping these will do well too.  I ordered 1/2 pound of each one, which turned out to be about 3 to 4 heads of garlic of each variety.

This one is called Transylvania.  From the catalog: This great garlic originated in a small village in the heart of the Transylvanian Mountains and was discovered in a Romanian Farmers’ Market in the mid-1990’s. Stores well. Smells divine when cooked and holds its flavor well in all kinds of dishes either fresh or cooked. 

 Garlic Ajo Rojo. From the catalog: Ajo Rojo is a beautiful and distinctive garlic with red/burgundy clove wrappers and good storage. It sizes up nicely in warmer growing areas with many bulbs reaching 2" diameter. Silky bulb wrappers. Vigorous root system and late harvest for incredibly rich flavor.

 Chinese Pink.  From the catalog: Very early variety that produces a nice very compact bulb with many small cloves layered inside the bulb. Chinese Pink is the earliest to harvest in spring when planted the previous fall. You can have garlic at least a month earlier than any other variety. Has a delicious mild flavor for many culinary uses.
Garlic Maiskij.  From the catalog: Maiskij is another beautiful Turban garlic with a rich garlicky flavor that has a robust pungency. Grows well in most of the USA. Turbans are the very earliest harvesting garlics that store until mid-November and need to be planted early in the fall.

The last one I didn't get a photo of is a California Garlic (called Extra Select.)  The catalog says: These California produced mother bulbs are made up of several cloves.
These widely adapted garlics are easy to grow and will keep 10 months. Proven tops for performance, flavor and wide adaptability. Great choice for home gardeners.

These will fill up my last fall bed and will be there all winter and spring.  I sure hope all goes well!

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