Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photo Challenge Update

Here are a few more of my photo challenge pictures.  I need to try to get a little more "artistic" in my photos, some days I'm just scrambling to get the picture done, and I'm not doing it "right." (Why is it I don't seem to have any time now that I'm retired...somethings not quite right about that.) ha!
October 8 - Shadow
I waited all day for the sun to come out so I could try to find a great shadow shot, but it never shone.  This was just a quick way to accomplish a shadow.

October 9 - What's in My Cup
My herbal lemon tea that I have every night -- it's my "calm down" and "ready for bed" ritual.  And it tastes pretty good too! 

October 10 - Up Close
I was taken by her very feminine return address label...yeah, she was just fundraising for her husband, but I still liked it!

Today's theme is "The Letter A" - I'm not sure what it will be yet. 

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