Sunday, October 7, 2012

Photo Challenge, October 2012

I've been participating in another photo challenge during October on my Instagram account. Each day has a different word or phrase, and I didn't get started until the 3rd, but it's been kind of fun!

October 3rd - Shoes
This was the day I visit my mom at her nursing home.  I thought her shoes fit the bill.

October 4th - Up
This is some electric thingamajiggy behind our house.  It's been there since 1975 and I never look up at it.  This challenge reminded me that it was here.

October 5th - Light
We had just put up the Halloween decorations on the pavilion, so this seemed like a good picture showing the lights - very festive!

October 6th - Orange
We visited the pumpkin patch that day, so the color orange was everywhere!

October 7th - Flowers
These are the Heavenly Blue Morning Glories in front of my potting shed.  They are just rioting over everything down there, and along the back fence of the vegetable garden.  Obviously the recent rains have done them good!

More to come! 

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