Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lost Maples Trip, October 2012

Today we had such a great time going along with KT and her Mom & Dad to Lost Maples State Park!  We started the morning with a nice breakfast here at Mimi & Grumpy's house, then took off to see the park.
We were about a month too early for the really red maple leaves, but it was so much fun to see KT do some of the fun hiking that we took our kids to back when they were small.
We're here!
We had so many pictures of our kids on this rock formation!
We just went on the short hike today, it turned out a little warm after all, although it was beautiful!  KT was a great trooper - she walked the entire time!
A wonderful fall tradition that we need to build on!
Apple break!


  1. She's getting TALL!! So awesome...glad y'all went!

    1. She is! She was wearing a size 10 shoe that day! Gonna be a tall girl!