Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Garden Update

Purple cauliflower plant
I'm impressed with how well the fall garden is going - I really think it's been easier then the spring garden (possibly because we didn't have to build all those raised beds this time!)  Here's a few photos of how it's looking!
Michili cabbage.  I've already been using these, cutting off the outer leaves as we need them. Tonight I'm making stuffed cabbage with these beautiful big leaves!
Swiss chard
Russian Kale
One of the beets - I think this is the Detroit Red
Another beet - Bull's Blood
Some of the many winter squash
Today I planted the first of the garlics (one full bed will be devoted to garlic this winter)
This is the Mexican garlic I got at Costco!
 I've read so many conflicting advice columns on how to plant garlic.  Some say don't bury the top, some say bury them 6" deep! Some say cover with one or two inches and mulch heavy.  I really don't know what to do, so I just did what seemed right.  I buried them about 1/2 inch, then topped them with compost (my compost is turning out to be gorgeous!) about another 1", then I'll top that with hay once the entire bed is planted.  These will stay in the ground until early summer next year if I have any success.

 I planted a small bed of giant Elephant garlic (that I just picked up in the grocery store!)  We have some other varieties ordered but they won't be here here for about two weeks, so they will go in later.  I also put in some shallots that I started from seed, we'll see how that goes.
This mushroom is sprouting along the side of some of the raised beds.  Anyone know what they are?

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