Sunday, August 19, 2012

Movie Review --- The Bourne Legacy

Off to the movies this afternoon to escape the heat and the soggy mud around our place - thank the Lord we got 3 inches of rain last night! Hooray!
We decided to go see The Bourne Legacy since it came out last week and we weren't able to see it then.  There are several good movies out right now that I'm dying to see - it was hard to decide, but we went with this one and will go see The Expendables II in the next week or so.
What can I say, I'm an easy to please movie fan, and I loved this newest installment in the Bourne story.  No Matt Damon, but Jeremy Renner was excellent in this story.  Very believable and hunky to boot! He's not what I'd call a handsome guy, but he's got that rugged thing down pat.  And he's going to be the next big action star, for sure.
Rachel Weisz is his "love" interest, and although I'm a fan of hers, the chemistry wasn't exactly right, although she pulled it off okay.  Don't get too attached to her, Alex, the Bourne girls don't last past the second movie. Ha!
The only downside is that there wasn't a lot of new catchy action sequences - climbing and jumping on roofs (check!), fast motorcycle race through crowded streets (check!), running through crowded apartments and alleyways (check!)  There was one quick "jumping  up on the stair railing with the motorcycle" that I hadn't seen before, so I guess that counts.
I give it a 3.5 stars! Go see it!

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  1. My my my, quite the moviegoer this weekend. Where are your other two reviews?!