Monday, August 20, 2012

Calling Our Spring Garden Done!

With the full heat of the Texas summer frying most anything outside, we're closing down the spring garden and spending this week cleaning out the beds in preparation for the fall garden.  I've already done some of this as each vegetable browns and dies out, so it won't be that big a job.
We definitely need to add some sand and compost to each of the beds before planting again.  The soil that we got from our local supplier this year, while good, became somewhat packed as the summer wore on.  Too much clay.  So I'm working in some new soil, sand and compost as I clear each bed.

We had some fun this year and grew a few things out of the ordinary - peanuts, podding radish, and cotton. That was fun, and I plan to do the same with each garden - try something new! I'm considering growing a rhubarb plant or two next spring...wonder if they'll grow here in Texas?  My dad grew aspargus, and I'm wondering how they will do out here in the hill country.

We also put a lot of food away in the freezer and jars.  I kept track of the outcomes from the garden by weight.  Below is the result, along with the word "bust" for those that just didn't grow well.  There are some blanks for the pumpkins that I still haven't weighed.  They are still out in the potting shed and haven't been brought up to the house.  I'll update those sometime in the future.

I've bought some interesting seeds for the fall garden -some I picked up on our trip to California this year at our stop in the Baker Heirloom Seed store - some unusual fall squashes and things.  I'll do a post on what's going in there soon.  I'm excited about starting the new garden!
Bak Choi 2# 4.4 oz
Beans 14# 8.3oz
Cantalope Bust
Cayenne Pepper 0# 9.5oz
Cucumbers 2# 6.6oz
Finger Potato 1# 3.7oz
Green Pepper 6# 3.3oz
Jalapenos 4# 1.9oz
Leeks 1# 0.5oz
Lemon Pepper 0# 5.0oz
Okra 5# 2.2oz
Onions 2# 7.9oz
Patti Pan Sq Bust
Pumpkin, Amish  
Red Potato 2# 9.6oz
Tomatillos 4# 9.4oz
Tomatoes 35#14.8oz
Watermelon 55# 3.5oz
Watermelon,Gold  17# 1.1oz
Yellow Potato 2# 10.7oz
Yellow Sq 0# 7.5oz
Zuchinni 16# 0.6oz


  1. HOLY TOMATOES WOMAN! Look at that Watermelon count! Hope you've done something exciting with it!! you're my garden hero!

  2. Yes, well...I've had enough watermelon, that's for sure. Tomatoes are still going strong -- I'll give you my secret sauce recipe next spring for your garden!