Sunday, July 15, 2012

Movie Review --- The Amazing Spiderman

I only went to see this movie because John wanted to see it.  I swore that I wouldn't see another Spider Man movie after the last one, Spider Man 3, which was not very good.  It was packed with action, but lacked any focus on the people -- no one in the movie was very sympathetic and I didn't really care if any of them were killed or not, including Spidey.  In other words,  the entire series was way overdone and I was done with it.

But I have to say I was surprised.  They did a much better job with this re-tread.  They brought them back to high school and started over, and the actors were much better matched.  There was a focus on his parents and what happened to them, his search to find out, and how he became this character.  The actor who played him, Andrew Garfield (never heard of him before), was a good match, he played a goofy high-schooler very well.

Of course, with any movie based on a comic book series, most of what happens is totally unbelievable, and that's the case here.  If scientific institutions were run like the one shown here, with lax security and the ability to wonder into sensitive labs at will, picking up biological material willy-nilly, we'd have all come down with terrible diseases by now. High school intern students with lab IDs allowed to come into the institute in the middle of the night taking multi-million dollar equipment...hmmm...not so much.  But if you can suspend your brain and just enjoy it for the entertainment value, this wasn't a bad movie.

I don't remember reading the Spiderman comics much, but I don't remember him whipping his mask off all the time like this Spidey did.  Just sayin'.

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