Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More from 1962....

Here are a couple more photos that I found from 1962.
I love this one. There's dad sitting in a station wagon that we had at the time.  I'm surprised to see him in there with Mom, usually it was all of us waiting in the car while Dad puttered around the yard doing "one more thing." She started yelling at him about 10 minutes early as the years went on, knowing that he would putter around, saying "I'm in the car!"
This is my Aunt Bell (Isabell) with my cousin Margaret.  Not sure what the occasion was, but Aunt Bell has white gloves on!  Bell is not Margaret's mom, so this must have been something going on in Yoakum, although Bell didn't live there. I'm trying to remember where Bell lived...somewhere nearer to the coast. memory is going so fast.  I need to do these photos more often while I have a shred of memory left.

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  1. MAN...look in the background... NO houses next door! Quite different than today!!