Sunday, June 17, 2012

Movie Review --- Prometheus

Fassbender did an excellent job as the android!
We went to see Prometheus yesterday afternoon.  I've been highly anticipating this movie, and the various clips they've been playing online and as advertising for the movie seemed great.  I'm not sure if I liked the movie itself, though.
The movie was absolutely beautifully filmed.  Gorgeous visuals, from the beginning to the end.  All of the cgi alien stuff was also so well done.  I think my only issue was in not quite seeing how this movie helps us understand anything about the back story to Alien.
Charlize Theron (John's favorite actress) 
The "engineer" at the beginning that dissolved into the water - I got that this was how they spread their dna to the world they were populating (well, I think that's what that was.)  What I didn't quite understand were the strange little worm creatures that were swimming around in the sludge, how those canisters were involved, and why they were destroying the populations that they had created.  What? Who? Why? Huh?
The creature at the end that pops from the "engineer's" chest didn't exactly look like the one we were familiar with.  Is that because they look a little different depending on what type of person or alien they come from?  I don't know.  It's all so confusing.....
Big GRIPE:  Guy Pearce as Weyland?  Really?  Ridley Scott...couldn't you find some old guy to play the old guy? I mean, this was the biggest jarring mis-step in the whole movie.  He was so obviously a young guy all made up as an old looked like someone's bad Halloween costume.  Bad, bad, bad.
Second Gripe: Tatoo'd up, shaven angry psycho biker guy as the geologist?  Really? I'm sure the professional geologist association is pretty amazed that this guy was the best the world had to offer to send on this trip. Geezzz.....

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