Friday, June 29, 2012

The McElvy's

These are my Aunt Helen (dad's sister) and her husband, Walter, along with their children, Cathy (baby) and Steven.  The top picture was taken, obviously, at Christmas time - our Grandfather Bruno is sitting on the floor.  I'm not sure if that's Steven or Cathy in the picture, there was no date, etc. on the back of that photo. The second picture was Easter, April 18, 1954.  I wonder where in the world my two cousins are now...both Aunt Helen and Uncle Walter have passed.
We went to visit Aunt Helen several times as we were growing up.  I remember best the house they were living in by the golf course (so green and lush), which was like catnip to us golf balls if you could find them! ha!  Uncle Walter ran a printing company at that time and I remember going to see his work place and loving the smell of the ink and paper.  Reams and reams of paper.  I was such a nerdy little kid.
Once it rained so hard while we were there that the front street that they lived on completely filled with water and she let us go out and play in it.  I remember that being like a guilty pleasure, I'm was sure it was something we weren't supposed to be doing, so we took complete advantage of it!
Aunt Helen called us all "H o n e y" with that slow southern drawl.....I loved it, and mimic'd it all the time.  Wonder if I can still get the right inflection on that drawl....

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