Friday, June 1, 2012

Final Day - Napa Valley

Napa valley was on the agenda today...we drove by the hundreds of vineyards that follow the highway north of San Francisco.  You physically cannot visit every vineyard unless you live in the area and take years to do it.
Today we started with Trefethen Vineyards and tasted their wines, a Chardonnay, a Viognier, a Cabernet Franc, and their Cabernet Sauvignon. Most were way too dry for me, but they made one called Quandary, which was not terribly dry, but was good.

Second we stopped at the Domaine Chandon winery, which was a beautiful facility with huge grounds, including a restaurant.  We tried their Carneros Chardonnay, the Carneros Pinot Meunier and the Carneros Pinot Noir.  No, not for me.  They make many other wines, but their tastings were quite expensive. Crazy.  We had a nice cheese and bread tray out in the patio with the wine.  Nice place.
Our last stop of the day was at Sutter Home vineyards.  We've had Sutter Home many times, they sell it in Texas.  This was my favorite place since they had the types of wines that I love.  Sweet, slightly sweet, and really sweet! ha!    

We were home early today since we have to fly out tomorrow.  We've had such a great time.  I'm hoping to blog some more about it once we get back.  I have to do one about the food we had and one about their new place.
Next time you hear from me, I'll be back in Texas!

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