Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day Two - San Francisco

Started the day at the Carnaval Parade which was going by only one block from JR and Ashley's front that was nice.  We stayed and watched for about 1-1/2 hours, but the entire parade took about 4 hours. There was such a brush of people! Whew!

After watching for a while we walked down thru the Mission area to the Delores park.  This park has been undergoing some renovation to include some features for children and to make it more available to the public.  We stopped before getting there at a little market and picked up some cheeses, crusty breads and salami.

We had a great little lunch on the lawn there, watching the dogs, people and children going by.  Lots of dogs.
Then we made our way back to their house through their back alley.  This alley is a tourist spot, where local artists decorate the walls on both side of the alley.  JR said that the first artworks were all comic book characters, but they have slowly been replaced with more political statements.  JR's garage are is the only one that is still decorated with The Fantastic Four characters.  Very interesting.
I have no idea....


What other country would allow you to put this up on a wall?

SURE it is....sure....

JR and Ashley's garage opening
Tonight we're ordering in a pizza and watching a movie...early to bed.  Tomorrow we have a full day planned!

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