Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We love you, Granny!

John's mother passed away on Monday, in the early morning.  It's been something we've been expecting since she has had a couple of strokes in the past week and was in Hospice.  Still, it's hard to lose her.  She was a big part of our children's young lives and gave them so much of her time and energy when they visited -- they saw a lot of Florida and were at Disney Land more then I can count.  
We love you Granny, and will miss you so much!
 Granny with Travis (I think....)
 Pap and Granny

 Granny's back there in the aqua blouse
 Granny and Pap
 I like this one of Granny
 Colleen, Adrienne, Travis, Daniel, Granny and Pap
 Pap and Granny with my parents, Becky and Herb
 Granny and John at our wedding. They are cutting the groom's cake.

 Me and Granny
 Colleen, Sissy and Granny
Granny and Adrienne

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