Saturday, April 14, 2012

Movie Review --- Wrath of the Titans

Am I the only one who is totally distracted by Perseus's (Sam Worthington) hair in this movie? I mean it takes over his whole head ... its enormous!! It must have had a trailer all it's own. Why did they let him grow out his hair in this movie?  I couldn't get past it.

Oh, the movie...okay....well, it was no Clash of the Titans, but it was entertaining enough.   It moved so fast, I didn't think that they took time to let us know these new characters, and if you didn't see the first movie, this one didn't give you any back story, so you were on your own.  This time they added Ares, another son of Zeus's, and Queen Andromeda (played by one of my favorite actresses from Pride and Prejudice, Rosamund Pike.) Some complicated relationships here with Perseus that we didn't get the back story on.

There was some great cgi movie magic, and the creatures and characters were well done.  The giant Cyclops, the various demons and creatures from the underworld, the Chimera and the huge Kronos spewing fire, lava and ash everywhere...all excellently rendered.
They also went for the funny with this one, including the addition of Bill Nighy and Tony Kebbell (fans of Rock'n Rolla will know him!)  I'm not sure the comedic touches were the right way to go, I felt they were too forced.

I'd give it a 2.5 to 3.0, somewhere in there.

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