Monday, April 16, 2012

KT's science activity!

Keeping KT this week -- It is so much fun!  We've played, watched Rapunzel for the 100th time, gone on a Donkey ride twice, played with the chicklettes twice, planted some tomatoes in pots, fed the deer, drove to Boerne for Grammy's pills, picked up lunch at Taco Cabana, napped, worked on some color sheets, played on the pavilion for a while, and did a science activity!  Whew!  We're both exhausted! (not really, KT could go on for hours, but I'm pooped!) ha! Here's the little science and color experiment that I found on Pinterest.  This egg carton can be emptied out and used again and again.  I thought it sounded like fun, and KT picked up on the idea of it right away, although being a bit creative, she wanted to mix the colors up some! This would work in the house, too, as a kind of scavenger hunt activity, I think.
 Take a cardboard egg carton and paint the insides different colors
 I put her name on the outside! KT's Science and Color Box
 We went looking for an item in nature for each of the colors.  Here she's found a yellow flower!
 She had to match the item with the correct place in the box...she did an excellent job!
 Really examining this one......
 Her finished box!  Great job, KT!

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