Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chicks are growing fast!!

These chicks are growing so fast!  I'm going to have to move them out of the wire cage soon -- they hardly fit.  During the day, they are staying in a ground pen that John put together for me this past weekend.  It was fast and simple, but it gives them some room to flap their wings and do a little running, which they really seem to enjoy.  Hopefully we'll finish the chicken coop soon and they will have a permanent home!

 Okay, this last photo is hilarious!  John called me to the back door on Saturday morning and said "You have to see this!"  We both looked out the back door and their was Carlie, on chick duty, with a chicken who had somehow gotten loose and was perched on top of her!! Sitting.  And Carlie was just laying there!  We were amazed!

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