Thursday, March 22, 2012

What I'm Reading: The Forgotten Garden

UPDATE: I finished the book today, and surprisingly I was right about the secret, but wrong about what happened to the Authoress.  I really enjoyed this book and recommend it highly!

Do you ever wonder where you and your family came from?  Are there any mysteries in your family that no one will talk about?
This book has me totally wrapped up in the mystery of where a little girl found on a deserted wharf came from and why she was allowed to be alone there, and why no one ever came looking for her.
The story spans three generations, switching back and forth between the various families involved, slowly unraveling the story.
I'm actually listening to the book written by Kate Morton as I work outside this past week, in the garden and on the chicken house.  It's an enjoyable way to "read" and the narrator (Caroline Lee) for this novel is excellent.  Her British and Australian accents are a plus, and I never found myself lost in the back and forth of the book because of her excellent work, her voices for the various characters were spot on! (Spot on! Didn't I sound very English there?! ha!)
I'm almost done, and I think I have the mystery figured out, although there is some effort now to make me question myself, but I may be right after all.
As a bonus, one of the characters, The Authoress, writes fairy stories, which are woven throughout the book and play a part in the story.  I'm particularly enjoying those.
Sigh....I wish I could write.
I really envy people who can.

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