Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Garden progress...

This week I've been putting in some plants and finishing up some garden projects. I put the handles on the garden planting guide, and created the 1/2" plug board.

The tomatoes have gone in -- a standard, a cherry and a roma tomato.  Looking forward to seeing how they do!

I transplanted all of the pepper plants: 8 jalapenos, several other hot peppers including a cayene, a yellow pepper (it's called "Lemon Drop"), a couple of different green peppers, a couple of red peppers and a chocolate pepper.  I found one pepper called "Nacho Macho" and I'm interested in seeing how different it is from the TAM jalapenos that I also planted. At the end of the row are three tomatillo plants! We'll be ready for some salsa if all goes well!

Those funny looking holes in the middle of the bed are plastic containers buried so that I can get more water down to the roots when these plants are big.  Hopefully that will help when the hot summer sun is beating down on these babies.  More tomorrow!

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