Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sudsy venture!

I'm calling the soap experiment a HUGE SUCCESS!  The 24 bars have hardened well and I wrapped them in wax paper.  My own personal creative designer (Colleen) designed a cute wrapper for me that I LOVE and I've packed them away.  I've given the soap a trial run and really like the way it suds up and leaves the skin feeling clean and lemony!
There's two things I'll do different on the next batch. I'll add more lemon oil as the scent is light, not as intense as I'd like, but easily fixed next batch. And I'll be more careful in cutting the bars more evenly and match them up.  I kind of cut a random pattern, and some bars are short and squat, and others are longer and thinner. Ahhh...the charm of handcrafted items, huh? ha!

I gave away my first two bars yesterday to some friends I worked with at UTSA, and I'll be passing these out to my friends and family soon!  Now...on to the next bar - Grumpy's Cedar Hand Soap!


  1. Oooh lala! :)
    I'll fix the other two labels and send to you shortly :P

  2. I want some!!!! :) And I LOVE the design! Way to go Colleen!!