Thursday, March 1, 2012


I finally got to plant something today!  First, I will report that one of the experiments worked just fine, the seedlings in the toilet paper rolls.  I planted the peanuts in them and they look very healthy.
But....they were really getting pot-bound, the roots were so HUGE and trying to push the poor little pots over, so I had to get them planted.
These went into the old compost bin, a big old oval galvanized tub that we've had for probably over 25 years...the bottom is mostly rusted out, and will drain just fine! ha!
I've never grown peanuts (and actually don't really like to eat them..ha!) but I love to experiment with things that I've never grown before.  Fun!  John loves peanuts, though, so I hope they turn out.
I was surprised about how these look - the peanut, seed, opens up and sends a big white root down that has small roots shooting out that look almost like a centipede! Real huge roots.
Anyway, they are all in and we'll sit back and see what we get!  It looks like we may have frost on Saturday night, so I may have to cover them.
It sure felt good to get my hands in the dirt!

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