Friday, March 9, 2012

Movie Review -- John Carter

It was 38 degrees when we got up this morning.  Thirty eight and raining.  We decided to do the total GEEK experience and brave the fan boys who would show up for the very first IMAX 3-D showing of John Carter today, so we sallied forth for the 10:15 am showing at the Palladium.
And, it was TOTALLY worth it!  A totally thrilling experience! I absolutely loved the movie, and yes, I know they weren't totally true to the written word, but the movie edition was totally fine.  Better then fine!  There was action, lots and lots of cool sci-fi action and special effects.  There was humor, romance, deceit, daring-do and bravery!  We both just loved it, and I'm sure the IMAX screen helped with the full experience.
The movie is based loosely on the Princess of Mars, a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs from the 1950s. Taylor Kitsch (remember Gambit from the X-men?) plays John Carter from Virginia. Part of the funny is that the tall green men of Mars misunderstand him and call him Virginia for part of the movie. It was cute!
Lynn Collin is Dejah Thoris, the Princess.  She was perfectly cast, and John is in love with her eyes. Ha!
Great casting for the green martians -- Thomas Hayden Church and Willem Dafoe.
Don't listen to the "critics" who make a living putting movies that make money down. They'd all like us to spend money on Tree of Life and other crap movies. Pfft to them!!!  Go.  See it!  I hardily recommend this fun movie!
PS: It had warmed up to a frosty 41 degrees when we got out of the film (its a bit over 2 hours, by the way) so I'm seeing a nice little nap in my immediate future. No gardening today.


  1. Oh so good to hear a great review! I've been looking forward to this movie. If it is that good I might have to break down and see it in the theater (the last movie we saw in the theater was Fellowship of the Ring)!

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