Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photo challenge...

I've decided to take a photo challenge.  This might actually make me learn to use my camera and all of the lenses that we have for it.  I'm doing one that I found on one of the blogs that I read occasionally, a P52 Photo Challenge: A Photo a Week for a Year.  I'm not doing it on her blog though, just for myself.  I'm not good enough with this camera to put any of my photos out there yet. My two girls take amazing pictures - Ashley on her phone, of all things, using Instagram,  and Colleen using her humongous camera. I only hope to get somewhat proficient at it.
I missed the beginning of this challenge, so I'll just start at the beginning and be 5 or 6 weeks behind. Her list of themes is really different, though, and it's very imaginative.  She's got 15 weeks planned, and is going to add to the list as she gets input from her readers.  Here are the first 15 weeks:

P52 Photo Challenge
Week 1 – ending Friday, January 6: Resolution
Week 2 – ending Friday, January 13: Made with love
Week 3 – ending Friday, January 20: I Dreamed A Dream
Week 4 – ending Friday, January 27: Self-portrait
Week 5 – ending Friday, February 3: Shadows
Week 6 – ending Friday, February 10: Drink up!
Week 7 – ending Friday, February 17: True Love
Week 8 – ending Friday, February 24: Cabin Fever
Week 9 – ending Friday, March 2: A Great Leap
Week 10 – ending Friday, March 9: Be Still
Week 11 – ending Friday, March 16: The “Eyes” of March
Week 12 – ending Friday, March 23: Hunger
Week 13 – ending Friday, March 30: Details
Week 14 – ending Friday, April 6: Foolin’ Around
Week 15 – ending Friday, April 13: Sacrifice
So, in the spirit of challenging myself, here is Photo #1 - Resolution.  
I took this one with my little Canon Powershot and then played with a few effects that I have access to using Picasa.  I love that little camera, it's so easy to grab and shoot with.  But I realize it's limitations, and I really want to learn to use my big Canon, so I'll be looking for some online tutorials and will set some time each week to learn something new about it.  That's my "Resolution." Should be fun!
Look for my next photo every Sunday. Next one is "Made With Love." Can't wait to find the perfect shot!

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