Wednesday, February 15, 2012


KT's turned two, and all of a sudden she's become a big girl! I can't believe how much this little girl is changing.  First, she's talking up a STORM...and you can understand her and follow her sentences.  She's speaking!
She's getting lean and tall, too...I swear she's grown an inch since her birthday.
And, she's becoming quite a clothes horse - she knows what she likes and what she doesn't.  Case in point, she wanted to put on her "horsey" pjs, which I could not find.  Nothing in her drawer had horses on I had to talk her into the Nemo pjs, it took some wily negotiations, too.  She finally relented.
And now she's in the potty training process, so we're all practicing patience.  She's showing progress, so I really don't think it will take that much time, but however long it takes, she'll get there.
We got to babysit a few hours last weekend, and it was a pleasure.  What a living doll!

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