Friday, January 6, 2012

A week in the life of me....

I'm thoroughly sick of being sick.  I've been sick all week, and just when I think it's on the way out, I start feeling worse.  Today I was so tired of it, I actually cleaned the ceiling fans.  Now you know how bad it really is....I needed something else to do besides feeling sorry for myself....sigh.
But anyway, the ceiling fans look pretty good for a few days.  I also replaced all of the air vent filters, you know.....just in case they were part of the problem.  My voice is back, I'm talking to myself some.  Trouble is, it echos in my head since my ears are so full of fluid, and I can hardly hear myself.
Sad, sad, sad....
I also ventured into Boerne today to go to the HEB, coughing and hacking into the few remaining Kleenex that I owned.  I had to replace them, get more cough syrup and drops and buy some chicken soup.  Yes, I'm hitting the hard stuff.  I'm giving this bug two more days, and it MUST be gone by Monday.  I have spoken...well, croaked is more like it.

I sat outside and took a few pictures of the birds today.  The bird feeders are getting hit pretty hard - filling them up every couple of days.  They race off when I come out the door, but if I sit vewy, vewy quietly...they start to come back.
The scrub jay is the boss.
When he's there, the others have to wait their turn.  Next is the red birds, although they are kind of skittish.  Here's a little beautiful gal.
Then there are the sparrows and the chickadees...they come in bunches! So much fun to watch them.  Yes...I'm easily amused.
Every once in a while they all fly off in a panic.  You might think it's me, but here's the real culprit.
And then the deadly, wild guinea population comes in and chases everyone away, including the cat.  Fun to watch!

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