Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The sun is out!

Yesterday we got some blessed rain, so I'm not complaining, and I thought it was going to continue today -- it was overcast and dreary this morning, but the sun has finally come out!
I spent the evening yesterday making KT a little Valentine skirt.  I think she'll like it - she seems to be VERY interested in clothing lately.  So cute.  It was fun and only took about an hour.  This was a pattern I found on Pinterest.
Then today I made a little kitchen towel set with a fat quarter that I found when we were up in Fredricksburg at Christmas time. A total impulse buy totaling a whole $1.50. I think they turned out cute, though.
I took a little stroll out to the garden this afternoon to pick up a few seed starting supplies - still trying to get a jump on the garden.  Today I planted seeds in recycled toilet paper rolls, another little tip I read on line.  We'll see how these hold up. They were easy to make.  I planted peanuts in these.  I know, I know...peanuts. Ha!  I'm just having fun with that, we'll see how they do. I'm planning to put them in an old metal tub we have in the garden.
I found three lamb's quarter plants coming up in the old herb garden. I'm telling you, those things never stop.  It makes a pretty little plant, though, doesn't it? From what I've read about this herb, it was used like spinach or fresh in salad back in the civil war era, as it grew so abundantly in the south.  I absolutely believe it. I started these about 10 years ago with one little plant that I bought at a plant sale.  It seeds itself and spreads like crazy. 

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