Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tuesday relaxation, with shopping!

Tuesday the guys had a tee time at one of the many golf courses on the complex.  Colleen ran some laundry (amazing how many clothes one little one goes thru!) and she and I took KT down to another of the many playgrounds.  KT had a great time climbing, sliding and running!
We relaxed while we waited for the guys to get back, and when they did we got on the shuttle to Disney Downtown, which is a big walking/shopping mall area.  John and I immediately made out way to the Margarita hut on the lake to sit and relax, while Jeff and Colleen took KT around.  They had a live one man band playing there, which was nice.  Had some more fun watching people go by.  We eventually got a little shopping in, too.  Loved the dinosaur store, neat electronic dino in the entry way. 
We actually cooked our own dinner that evening in the RV and generally spent the evening getting ready to depart for Vero Beach the next day, along with a few rides around the park on the golf cart, and a stop or two for Mickey ice cream at the Settlement store.  A very nice, easy day.  Wednesday -- back on the road!

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