Sunday, November 6, 2011

Movie Review --- Three Muskateers

Well, the movie had been panned by all of the critics, but I am a big fan of Mila Jovovich and I thought the previews looked good, so this is the movie I chose for my birthday weekend.  I'm glad I did -- it was a fun movie!
They went with comedy, didn't take themselves too seriously, suspended their imagination and made a really fun, lighthearted movie.  We enjoyed it!
First, some of my favorite actors were represented! Athos was Mr. DARCY!!! And Porthos was Titus Pullo from the TV series Rome, and Richelieu was Col. Landa from Inglourious Basterds! Mads Mikkelsen played the bad guy as only he can.  Great cast...
This new imaginative telling of the old tale included some things that would definitely not expect -- wired laser like security, Indiana-Jones style, and armed air ships! 
Did I mention that D'Artagnan was played by Percy Jackson!?  Took me a while, but John placed him right away.
And Orlando Bloom was quite a dandy as the Duke of Buckingham! (hiss! boo!)
It was a good use of two hours -- entertaining! 

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